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Hi, we are Jax’s Guide,
We made an independent software comparison page. The passion and the hobby of all Jax’s Guide members is computer and software. We made this webpage to help people and make it easier to take a decision about software. In our software comparisons the most important thing is to find "easy-to-use" software. So we will compare a lot of programs in the future to find award winning software for everyone. Jax’s Guide mission is always finding the software that is the easiest to use and for this we make software awards.

The webpage was created in response to the need to obtain a part of information on the software available on market.

The purpose of the webpage is to present in a transparent manner the possibilities of software implementation and management costs. We would like to make some software comparison and help you to find the best.

We hope that after reading the information on our webpage, using the online store software comparison engine, and familiarizing yourself with the opinions of users, you will be able to make the right choice of the best software that is adequate to your needs and the budget allocated to meet all hopes.

Let's start with the fact that nowadays almost every photographer works not only with the camera, but also with some best software for it. Manufacturers of photographic equipment compete in pushing ever newer functions in their products, assuring us that it is their device that has the latest technologies and functions, and that thanks to it our photos will be the best.

Let's think about it. The use of any function involves more or less interference in the photo. On the one hand, we mean it, but what if we don't like the effect? Undoing all changes or finding the settings that spoil our photo is very difficult and time consuming, and sometimes even impossible.

Repeating a given photo may not be easy, especially since we often find out about a broken photo only after returning home. That is why award winning software, best software have gained such popularity.

If you're interested in photography, you probably know that no automatic tool can replace the photographer's intuition and experience. It is this experience that allows you to get exactly the effect we expect.
Best software gives really huge possibilities, but its versatility and possibilities are both its disadvantage and advantage. Award winning software is perfect for creative photo editing. This software can perfectly remove imperfections, combine photos or even create photo montages.

However, you can't create best software that can do anything. Just a computer would not be able to work well, but not everyone needs all the features that they could offer.

Learning photography has always been labor intensive. Inspiration and "snap" at the right moment is up to you. You need to know what effect you want to get.

Even the best photos often need minor corrections. Here the matter gets complicated. When learning photo processing, you need to see what effect each change gives you on a regular basis. You should also be able to repeat individual actions to be able to use them when creating your own projects. Here you can see what can be the best software for you.

If you have a digital camera, it probably happened more than once that you needed to slightly improve the photo. Is it slightly increases the contrast or remove some annoying small element. Nobody will use complicated software for such light retouching. In such cases, you can use some easy-to-use programs. On our webpage we made this software comparison to help you make right decision.